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[28 Nov 2004|10:30pm]

> hypernautics community: the map puts me in my place.
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[25 Aug 2004|10:55pm]

Lets not make generalizations about the worth of others when our conclusions are based on arbitrary personal characteristics or behaviors that have been deemed inexhaustibly offensive by their incongruency with our personal preferences or values. You can remain slave to these irrational mental processes; allowing the maintenance of your fears and biases, or you can become your own master and attempt to live a meaningful life, not one wasted by ego petting. Open your hearts to love.

I don't know what sort of revolution you want to be a part of, but perhaps I am in the wrong community.
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hi let me introduce my self [26 Aug 2004|12:48am]

hi my name is tyler and everything i am is explained in my bio there is no point in repeating it all here if you are intrested in me then you will read it if that is to difficult for you then you are a kludge and proably shouldnt be here

speaking of here its nice to know that ubers and people trying to better them self have a place

"we are born.sworn, jelous frends of solitude"
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re: ok i have not posted here like ever [16 May 2004|11:40am]

[ mood | curious ]

ok what do you all think of Buddhism ?? what are YOUR views as its something i am intrested in asa way to direct my thinking anf help me move into a new headspace


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[06 Jan 2003|06:09pm]

gpo at thee sea ov aquarius
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[09 Sep 2002|03:25pm]


Hi group, I'm Michael, I'm new here, so I thought I'd open with one of the more inspiring quotes I've come across in the last year or so, from perhaps the most influential thinker and writer for me right now. This should also serve as an adequate introduction to my own basis of understanding the "neo-human." For those who are not yet familiar with Julius Evola, I'd urge you to check him out:

"... the 'spirit' in the traditional conception has always meant something supernatural and super-individual; it has therefore nothing to do with the common intellect and even less with the pale world of the 'thinkers' and the 'men of letters.' It is rather the element which becomes the focus of any virile ascent, and heroic elevation, any effort to achieve in life that which is 'more than life' itself."

~ Baron Julius Evola

Witness my seal,

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Omega [24 Jun 2002|02:23am]

Hmph..I thought I was the best. Oh well.
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Nothing But Words [23 Dec 2001|02:52pm]

My pussy is tight, my mind tighter. Isn't that perfection for you?
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